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EM&I have had an editorial published in Oilfield Technology Magazine, written by Danny Constantinis, Executive Chairman, entitled ‘Ensuring Integrity – EM&I Explores the Future of Integrity Management’ In the article, Danny describes his vision for the future which includes more economic, effective technologies being developed and becoming available, such as... Read more

The paper, ‘Optimised Asset Integrity Management through Disruptive Innovation’, was presented at the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) conference in Malaysia this week. Peter Davies, Regional General Manager for EM&I in the Asia Pacific Region gave the presentation, which focussed on the cost benefits, efficiency and safety of robotic... Read more

Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman recently gave an interview to the editor of Oilfield Technology Magazine, about the future of offshore asset integrity management. In the interview, Danny discusses how EM&I have developed industry driven innovations such as ODIN®, NoMan® and HullGuard® and that working together with clients and... Read more

EM&I – the international asset integrity specialists – who normally deal with offshore assets such as FPSOs, MODUs, FLNGs & FSRUs, were asked to take on a very unusual project recently, to inspect a ‘super yacht’ which has been made available by an Australian billionaire to aid ocean research teams... Read more