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Remote Inspections

EM&I are recognised as world leaders in innovating remote inspection technologies. Such as ODIN® diverless inspection and maintenance methods, NoMan® robotic tank inspections and ExPert™ remote Ex equipment inspections. ABS are well known for supporting advanced inspection methods. Ones that are safer and deliver high quality data on which to... Read more

underwater inspection

EM&I has been awarded a significant contract to carry out four ODIN® diverless UWILDs (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking) for an oil major in Angola. The contract was won by competitive tender and included both FPSOs and Tension Leg Platforms with a tight schedule to complete the work in... Read more

reducing piping integrity risk

Article in Digital Energy – EM&I ANALYSE™ for improved RBA/RBI: Advanced analytics reduces pressure system inspections by over... Read more

remote camera

Remote camera surveys are quickly becoming the ‘new norm’ and EM&I have now extended this capability to ‘showcase’ new technology without the need to be there physically. This was demonstrated recently when their ExPert™ Ex remote inspection system was streamed from locations in Brazil to guests around the world, letting... Read more