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EM&I has announced that its NoMan® remote camera technology has been given ATEX (Ex) approval. There are many regulatory requirements for the visual inspection of equipment and structures in areas which may contain flammable gases in order to assess their integrity. Such areas include for example confined spaces such as cargo... Read more

NoMan® USA Patent Granted

April 20th, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the NoMan® optical system has now been granted a USA patent. NoMan enables general and close visual inspections of confined spaces without the safety risks and costs of placing humans in confined spaces or working at height. This adds to the patents already received... Read more


EM&I has been granted a further patent for the NoMan® Optical system, this time for Africa (ARIPO) which covers Ghana, Mozambique, and Liberia. NoMan can carry out General and Close Visual Inspections, Distortion Surveys and Thickness Measurements using remote robotic methods to position the optical and laser devices into confined... Read more

Oilfield Technology

EM&I have been developing diverless underwater inspection and repair technology for many years. The company’s ODIN® technology includes the use of specialised ‘EM&I Integrity Class’ ROVs whose capabilities and performance have been further developed to work in extreme conditions, greater depths and wider applications, and ROV inspections. With over 200 projects... Read more

Oilfield Technology

EM&I have the following article published in Oilfield Technology: Working in confined spaces carries significant safety risks with a saddening record of fatalities over the years. Working at height in confines spaces such as storage tanks on and offshore adds a further risk. Despite stringent regulations and safety procedures the... Read more