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EM&I's New ROV

IARA (pronounced YARA) is a sea goddess in Brazilian folklore… For us – YARA, EM&I’s new ROV, is a major milestone for ODIN® – our Underwater Service Line development. Last weekend our Brazil team finalised wet testing and commissioning of the system by launching the ROV from the deck of... Read more

Danny Constantis, EM&I, Malta, explains how lessons learned from the oil and gas sector can help ensure long-term asset management for the floating offshore wind industry.

As the floating offshore wind sector moves rapidly and globally towards industrialisation and commercialisation, thought is turning to efficient management of the life cycle integrity of floating units. In this article in Global Energy Magazine, Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman, explains how lessons learned from the oil and gas... Read more

The Road to 2050 Using Innovative Asset Integrity Technologies

In an article in Tanks and Terminals Magazine, Danny Constantinis—EM&I Group Executive Chairman—discusses innovative asset integrity management technologies such as NoMan® and ExPert™, for tanks and terminals in light of the energy transition and an evolving storage market. Click here to read the article. “On a recent project on an... Read more