Diverless ‘ODIN’ System Installed in Shipyards

July 14th, 2022

Diverless ODIN system

After installing hundreds of EM&I’S ‘ODIN®’ access ports on operating units, a number of major FPSO operators are now installing them in the shipyard as original equipment.

ODIN ports help operators go ‘diverless’ by enabling the inspection of valves and seachests using specialised cameras which can be inserted into the access ports adjacent to the valves.

ODIN ports can be retrofitted offshore, but it is more economic to do this in the shipyard at the newbuild or conversion stage.

The patented ‘ODIN’ technology allows Operators to avoid diving for UWILD’s (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking), valve and caisson repairs, sea chest blanking and underwater repairs.

ODIN is class approved and has been proven on hundreds of offshore assets over the last 10 years including Floating Production and Drilling units.

EM&I lead the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy) which has pioneered safer ways of carrying out UWILD and maintenance without using divers or personnel in hazardous areas, at height or in confined spaces.

Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman & CEO) of the EM&I Group and Project Leader of the JIP commented: “This is a major step forward to install access ports as original equipment, which will make future inspection and maintenance much easier and more economic.”