Diverless Side Shell Repair…Another Worlds’ First

January 20th, 2020

Using cofferdams to carry out underwater repairs is not new – in fact, EM&I successfully repaired bottom hull plating on the Nan Hai Fa Xian FPSO in 1992 using a large cofferdam – installed by divers!

That experience and many others since, suffered from high safety risk, weather delays, and budget overruns. The large numbers of divers and consequent helicopter and support vessels also created a high carbon footprint.

All that has changed – the latest hull repair project was carried out on time, on budget, to class approved standards, without significant carbon footprint and without divers.

Even though a typhoon passed through the field during the project, the project was completed on time.

How was this possible?

The answer is that EM&I has an unrivalled capability to develop and deliver successful solutions, in this case using 3-D laser scans to create an accurate fitting cofferdam and ODIN® ports to pass guide wires through the hull which guide and secure the cofferdam over the repair area.