Effective Integrity in a $50 per Barrel Environment

April 3rd, 2017

The oil price has stabilised at a level where the industry can steadily start to grow again.

New drilling and production contracts are being announced but we, as an industry, need to maintain asset integrity and safety standards in a new $50 per barrel environment if we are to prosper.

This means doing things differently and better.

EM&I has focused on exactly this topic with support from our clients and organisations such as the HITS JIP.

EM&I will be demonstrating what has been achieved to date, and progress on key developments aimed at doing things better at lower cost, less risk and fewer POB.

Organisations attending will include representatives from oil majors, lease companies, drilling contractors, classification societies and regulatory bodies.

The key themes we will focus on are:

  • Pressure System Integrity – especially latest CUI and RBI methods and strategies.
  • Structural Integrity – particularly underwater inspections, valve repairs and tank inspections – without divers or man entry.
  • Ex Equipment Integrity – specifically the development of RBI strategies.
  • Hull Corrosion Management – diverless ICCP systems.

The demonstrations will present quantified data on cost, risk and POB benefits and present case histories and compliance status as well as offering the opportunity to explore equipment capability.

The event will take place between 17th and 23rd May 2017 at our R&D facilities hosted by Forth Engineering in Cumbria.