EM&I Achieve RoSPA President’s Award for 14 Consecutive Golds

June 23rd, 2021

14 Consecutive Golds

EM&I recently received the very welcome news that we have been awarded a President’s (14 consecutive Golds) Award in the 2021 RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards.

Established in 1956, The RoSPA Health & Safety Awards offer organisations a prime opportunity to benchmark safety performance year on year and ensure consistent performance between sites. They also provide an effective route to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to raising health and safety standards.

This award recognises the work done by EM&I globally. Everybody associated with EM&I strive to ensure our employees operate safely and in line with our established policies and procedures allowing them to return home at the end of the day or shift in the same condition that they arrived. It is increasingly important that we all pay particular attention to health as well as safety in these difficult times ensuring that it remains our top priority.

Pat Lawless, CEO, said “We have entered a new era that is characterised by technological innovation.  This includes aspects of remote working that is beginning to permeate all that we do: remote operations, flexible working, remote communications as examples.  This award is testament that the groundwork has been laid in EM&I and it augurs for a safe future”.

Danny Constantinis, Executive Chairman, commented “The RoSPA award is a great achievement which underlines the strong safety culture of continuous innovation and improvement – a hallmark of the EM&I brand”.