EM&I Complete Diverless Caisson Repair in Angola

July 3rd, 2019

Robotic inspection techniques are now being complemented with robotic repairs.

EM&I has used specialist expertise to complete a diverless complex caisson repair for a major operator of FPSOs on a project in Angola.

The company used an inflatable double plug system to isolate the caisson from the sea to enable the repair to be carried out. The client commented: “This project can be summarised in 4 words … preparation, verification, execution, documentation. EM&I scores top marks in all categories”.

Commenting on this latest project, Danny Constantinis, Executive Chairman of the EM&I Group, stated: “This type of diverless repair has not been tried before and required validation at our Technology Centre to confirm that the work could be carried out safely and efficiently. We plan to present a paper on robotic repair methods because robotic inspection without a robotic remedial capability has much lower added value”.