EM&I Complete Successful ExPert™ Trial

September 5th, 2018

EM&I have just completed a highly successful validation of their ExPert™ technology for the NII (Non-Intrusive Inspection) of Ex equipment for a major drilling company.

ExPert is a technology derived from the medical sector that allows for the detailed internal inspection of Ex equipment without opening the Ex components or shutting down the electrical systems.

The validation involved EM&I specialists from around the world applying ExPert to Ex components selected by the drilling company.

The validation was witnessed by a senior representative of the client and showed that ExPert was able to detect all the major flaws introduced into the test components non-intrusively.

Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman of the EM&I Group commented: “The ExPert system is a major advance in the inspection of Ex equipment which improves safety and saves our clients the significant costs and time of having to isolate electrical systems and strip down components for inspection”.