EM&I Integrity Technologies Coming to Guyana

November 24th, 2021

em&i technologies in guyana

The following article in Energy Magazine details the exciting opportunities for EM&I to introduce our latest innovative technologies for the inspection, repair and maintenance of floating production assets in Guyana.

EM&I’s Chief Executive Officer, Pat Lawless, was in Guyana recently on a mission to advance the Group’s development in the South American country while preparing for a number of projects scheduled for execution in 2021 and beyond.

Guyana will be among the first regions to benefit from ODIN® diverless techniques for inspecting and repairing hulls, valves, and mooring systems, shortly followed by the NoMan® technology that uses robotic cameras and specialised lasers to inspect confined spaces without human entry.

“As EM&I looks for solutions in many industries[…]the company provided a summary of some of the technologies that will be introduced to Guyana:

“NoMan® for tank and confined space inspections remote cameras and ‘synchronised’ laser scanning technology are replacing manned entry, dramatically reducing safety risk of confined space entry and working at height with a 90% reduction in man time on a recent North Sea project.

“ODIN® diverless hull and valve inspections and repairs have been used successfully on hundreds of projects throughout the world in the last few years. Cost benefits of over 50% and 70% Persons on Board reduction have been achieved, and all of these technologies can be used while the vessels are on station, on hire, and in operation, reducing the need for shutdowns or out of service periods.”

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