EM&I NoMan® Laser Scanning Certified by DNV

March 24th, 2021


EM&I has been approved by DNV as a Service Supplier for the NoMan Synchronous Laser method for confined space inspections such as Cargo Oil Tanks.

This is the first classification society to approve the innovative 3D Laser Scanning as a Remote Inspection Technique, once again showing that EM&I are leading the way with techniques that increase safety while improving integrity.

Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman) commented, “I am delighted with the progress of the NoMan® Laser Scanning ground-breaking technology which heralds a new era of remote inspection of confined spaces, strongly encouraged and supported by the HITS JIP. We work very closely with the other leading classification societies and I look forward to receiving further certifications in due course which will push forward a significant number of opportunities to get the NoMan technology deployed in the field”.