EM&I Training Technicians for New Technologies

March 29th, 2018

EM&I have introduced many new technologies over the 35 years they’ve been involved in the asset integrity business.

They introduced rope access, and founded IRATA, digital radiography, and numerous other innovations. More recently they have led the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for the FPSO Research Forum called HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy).

This has helped to produce other exciting innovations such as the ODIN® diverless UWILD, and NoMan® remote camera systems, using techniques borrowed from the nuclear industry. The basic idea is to eliminate the need to use divers or personnel in hazardous areas, working at height, or in confined spaces.

Introducing new technologies inevitably requires training or retraining technicians, to cope with the new skills required. EM&I have a Technology Centre in Cumbria (near Sellafield), which is the centre for nuclear research into inspecting and maintaining nuclear installations, so is the ideal location for training in the new technologies.

Executive Chairman of EM&I, Danny Constantinis commented: “Training is the key for the successful introduction of new technologies, as it’s essential that the pilot projects go well. We work closely with our clients and the class societies on these, as we are all learning together. The JIP for the FPSO Research Forum has been extremely successful in this respect, as all the innovations are industry driven”.

“The future is even more exciting as we move into digitisation and statistical analysis of Risk Based Inspections (RBI) for pressure systems, HAE Ex equipment, structures, and hulls”.

“Offshore assets such as FPSO, FLNG, FSRU vessels, Drillships, and Semi Submersibles, etc., have thousands of components which all need to be monitored, inspected, and maintained, for optimum operational efficiency and safety”.