EM&I Welcomes New Business Development Manager

June 10th, 2022

Gisle Solhaug, EM&I Business Development Manager (UK & Scandinavia)ent

EM&I is pleased to welcome Gisle Solhaug to the group as he takes on the role of Business Development Manager for the UK & Scandinavia.

Gisle is a Norwegian with a degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Glasgow. He has 20 years experience in ship operation, repair, new building, and conversion. He lived in Singapore for 16 years, where he served the marine and offshore industries as a Project Manager, Construction Manager, and Engineering Manager for various projects. He moved to Florida in 2013 to pursue an MBA in International Business.

Gisle used to be a keen golfer. These days he prefers watching his 19-year-old son, Gregory, pursuing a career in golf. Gisle developed several golf-related inventions during his time in Florida, before returning to the offshore industry by joining EM&I as Business Development Manager for the UK & Scandinavia.

Speaking about his new role, Gisle said:

“Throughout my career, I have conducted a fair share of hull inspections and having some of the EM&I technologies available would have enhanced my work. It is therefore highly rewarding to be given the opportunity to introduce these technologies to the marine and offshore industries. I would like to thank the EM&I Team for their warm welcome and I look forward to working with you all.”

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