HITS Goes Remote!

May 27th, 2020

HITS Goes Remote

The HITS JIP, one of the most successful gatherings in the FPSO Research Forum, has been meeting twice a year, face to face across the globe for more than six years….until last week.

With members keen to keep up the momentous progress made over the years, the HITS 6 meeting was held remotely by Webex webinar.

It was a big success with more than twenty-nine attendees from the oil majors, class societies and service companies.

The webinar discussed the HITS 6 outputs which included progress made in starting trials of bottom plating remote inspections, through to the report which compared synchronous laser inspections to manual ultrasonic and mechanical inspections of pits and plate thickness.

With some further suggestions for refining the laser methodology received from the Participants the HITS project team will now put together their proposals for the next phase; HITS 7 which will be discussed at the next webinar in June 2020.

The success of the webinar approach has already prompted the plan to repeat this method of remote working for the next HITS JIP meeting.

Who knows, with the increasing sophistication of this communications technology, we may well be seeing remote HITS meetings as the ‘new normality’.