New code of practice for ROV inspections created by EM&I

April 13th, 2021

Oilfield Technology

EM&I have been developing diverless underwater inspection and repair technology for many years. The company’s ODIN® technology includes the use of specialised ‘EM&I Integrity Class’ ROVs whose capabilities and performance have been further developed to work in extreme conditions, greater depths and wider applications, and ROV inspections.

With over 200 projects successfully completed, ranging from major side shell repairs to valve replacements and multiple simultaneous UWILDs in Brazil and West Africa, EM&I has gained considerable experience in using ROVs.

This experience has been condensed into the company’s first ‘Code of Practice’ for ROV operations so that clients, regulators and company teams know and use best practice to deliver a consistently excellent, safe, and cost-effective service.

The Code of Practice is constantly updated to enable the applications and performance envelope of the company’s ROVs to compete successfully with scopes normally within the domain of work-class units.

This is designed to promote ‘best practice’, so that ROV inspections are as safe, economic and efficient as possible. Copies are available at to clients, operators, class societies and other industry experts for consultation, as the intention is to update the Code of Practice from time to time as experience leads to further refinements.

‘A Code of Practice is essential to ensure that ROV operations are carried out consistently, safely, efficiently, and economically as possible’ according to Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman) of the EM&I Group. The investment we continually make in ROVs is essential to our ‘Diverless Service Line’ which we will continue to develop’ he concluded.