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A pioneering system of protecting floating offshore installations from corrosion without using divers has been successfully deployed for the first time in the UK North Sea. EM&I collaborated with Forth Engineering to design the solution which was used on a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel 75 miles offshore.... Read more

Using cofferdams to carry out underwater repairs is not new – in fact, EM&I successfully repaired bottom hull plating on the Nan Hai Fa Xian FPSO in 1992 using a large cofferdam – installed by divers! That experience and many others since, suffered from high safety risk, weather delays, and... Read more

The world’s first HullGuard® system was installed, without divers, in January 2020 on an FPSO in the UK North Sea. Designed for life time protection of the underwater hull from corrosion below the water line, HullGuard is an EM&I innovation that involves locating a tubular anode with an integral dielectric... Read more

EM&I have had the following article published in Oilfield Technology online magazine: EM&I has been awarded a life extension study by a US-based independent energy company for a floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO) offshore Gabon, West Africa. Many ageing FPSOs require life extension studies to prolong their operational... Read more

Man of Integrity

December 2nd, 2019

EM&I have had an article published in Marine Professional Magazine in which Danny Constantinis (EM&I Group Executive Chairman) is interviewed about his reputation for engineering innovation in the oil & gas industry. Please click here to read the... Read more

EM&I have had an article entitled ‘Deriving Data Differently’ written by Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman, EM&I Group) published in the October edition of LNG Industry News. In the article Danny discusses a new data gathering methodology for the floating gas industry which uses robotics and digitised methods. Please click here... Read more

The 20th HITS JIP meeting took place on the 18th October during the FPSO Research Forum week in Houston and continued its tremendous success as there were over 25 participants. The future of NoMan® and remote inspection of tanks was a key topic as were development of bottom plating remote... Read more

JIP Success in Houston

October 22nd, 2019

EM&I led two successful Joint Industry Project (JIP) meetings during the FPSO Research Forum week in Houston from 14th – 18th October 2019. The first was a new initiative JIP aimed at the floating gas sector, called FloGas, and the second was the 20th meeting of the HITS (Hull Inspection... Read more

EM&I have had an article published in Offshore Magazine entitled ‘Inspection advances improving integrity service life of floating platforms’ FLOATING PLATFORMS are increasing in number and complexity, particularly in deep-water environments. However, operating these assets is also becoming more of a challenge due to the different production requirements and evolving... Read more

EM&I recently completed their first Thermography Inspection as part of an updated Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection methodology, onboard an FPSO operating in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil. Thermography is an infrared imaging science, which detects radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The amount of radiation emitted... Read more