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OFFSHORE PLATFORMS of the future will need to be designed to accommodate robotic, remote, and digital technologies and operate with a minimum number of Persons on Board (POB). Use of robots will avoid the need to put people into high-risk environments, while remote transmission of data will allow decisions on... Read more

EM&I have had an article published in Digital Energy Journal Magazine entitled ‘EM&I Laser Scanning for FPSO Tank Inspections’. The article outlines EM&I’s automated methods to inspect tanks on FPSOs without using people inside the tank. Click here to read the... Read more

EM&I have been granted a patent for ODIN® Diverless UWILD (Under Water Inspection In Lieu of Drydocking) from ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization) for Africa. This patent covers Ghana, Liberia, and Mozambique. There is a further ODIN patent pending for other regions of Africa. This technology has been successfully... Read more

HITS Goes Remote!

May 27th, 2020

The HITS JIP, one of the most successful gatherings in the FPSO Research Forum, has been meeting twice a year, face to face across the globe for more than six years….until last week. With members keen to keep up the momentous progress made over the years, the HITS 6 meeting... Read more

EM&I to the rescue!

May 21st, 2020

EM&I’s Regional Operations Manager for Africa, Francis Lacey and his team finally managed to get the team that were stuck in Equatorial Guinea, back home safely to South Africa following completion of an ODIN® UWILD project on an FPSO. The team demobilised from the FPSO on 24th March 2020 and... Read more

EM&I have had an advert published in Subsea World Magazine Brazil, which outlines our Diverless Services and Remote Tank Inspection. Click here to... Read more

EM&I have had an article published in Oil & Gas Australia Magazine entitled ‘Monitoring and Maintenance of Floating Gas Assets’ In the article, Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman, discusses how the trend towards monitoring as a more efficient way of planning maintenance, depends on accurate and reliable data, gathered... Read more

Following a successful application for a patent in the US last year, EM&I have been granted more patents for their ODIN® diverless under water inspection in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) and valve inspection and repair technology in the UK and Australia. The technology has already been proved on numerous projects throughout... Read more

EM&I have had an article published in Offshore Marine Technology entitled ‘Let’s Work Together’. In the article Danny Constantinis, Executive Chairman discusses the benefits of Joint Industry Projects. Click here to read the... Read more

EM&I have been mentioned in an article by Lloyd’s Register, which discusses how safety, operational efficiency and compliance are still a focus area for operators as risk-based inspection changes with the introduction of remote technology. Click here to read the... Read more