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new em&i facilities in brazil

A quarter of the world’s FPSOs operate in Brazil with a 50% increase expected by 2027. EM&I have been operating in Brazil for ten years and continue to invest in what is one of the most important markets for EM&I and our advanced robotic technology. These investments in local personnel... Read more

During a scheduled UWILD on a deep-water FPSO in Africa, a leak was found through the hull from an internal hull storage tank. The hull was therefore severely compromised, and a fast-fix solution was urgently required. Within one week, EM&I — utilising their superior ROV services — were able to: investigate the leak and... Read more

IARA, EM&I's 1st Brazilian ROV

IARA is the first of several Brazil-based EM&I Integrity Class ROVs. She successfully completed her first full UWILD and discharge line plugging campaign on the 28th of February 2022 on an FPSO in Brazil and is already working on a long list of new underwater projects. Her sister ROV, Calypso,... Read more

Oil and Gas Europe Supplier Performance Report

EM&I have received an Oil & Gas Europe Supplier Performance Report from an FPSO Operator in Brazil for the ODIN® Alternative Special ROV UWILD carried out on an operating FPSO. Oil and Gas Europe (formerly Achilles FPAL) is the world’s leading Oil & Gas industry supply chain database. Oil and... Read more

Editorial Tanks Terminals Magazine

The transition to cleaner energy will inevitably require new technology for storing energy, and different types of storage will be required in the future. Storage facilities, such as tanks, will need to remain ‘fit for purpose’ throughout their operational life. Keeping tanks safely in service can be made more efficient... Read more

Subsea Expo conference

EM&I – the international asset integrity specialists – presented a paper on their latest subsea asset integrity technologies at the recent prestigious Subsea Expo conference which created considerable interest from delegates. As leaders of the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy) on behalf of the... Read more

Diverless Sea Chest Blanking

EM&I has proven a diverless sea chest blanking method using an ‘intelligent’ motorised wire guided blanking plate. The device and technology is called LIMPET™ and has been used successfully for a major lease company offshore in Equatorial Guinea. The JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy)... Read more

FPSO industry leader chooses EM&I's ODIN technology

EM&I has been awarded a second contract for their innovative ODIN® technology, with an FPSO industry leader developing one of the largest offshore gas developments in Northern Australia, bringing many advantages to the field operator. The client was determined to use the latest safety and low carbon technology as a... Read more

Pat Lawless (pictured right) has been appointed to the Main Board as Director of Strategy, and Danny Constantinis (pictured left) takes on the role of Executive Chairman and CEO

EM&I—the international asset integrity specialists—is making changes to its leadership structure to better manage its significant current and future growth. Pat Lawless (pictured right) has been appointed to the Main Board as Director of Strategy at EM&I, and Danny Constantinis (pictured left) takes on the role of Executive Chairman and... Read more

EM&I Launches Second ROV

EM&I now have their second ROV—CALYPSO—which will be deployed on various missions in Brazil, together with its sister ROV – IARA. Both ROVs are an integral part of EM&I’s ODIN® underwater service inspection system, which has been successfully used for the inspection of hulls and mooring systems on many projects... Read more