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Detecting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the major problems for FPSO operators, as it is very costly to remove and replace insulation. Detecting where corrosion is occurring and being able to assess the level of damage – without removing the insulation – is the key to reducing remedial... Read more

The JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy), led by the international asset integrity specialists EM&I, on behalf of the FPSO Research Forum, is a classic example of ‘industry driven’ innovations, which have been encouraged by the major Class Societies, and the other members of the... Read more

Most floating offshore assets have to have periodic surveys every 2.5 & 5 years to satisfy class society requirements. This can very disruptive to normal operations, as the tanks, valves, and hull have to be made available for inspections at these times. The concept of the ’20 YEAR PLAN’ is... Read more

EM&I’s ODIN® technology was used for critical valve inspections and repairs on a Drill Ship in Angola, while the vessel was on hire, on station, and in operation. Twenty one valves were inspected and three repaired, safely, on time, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. EM&I... Read more

EM&I were invited to speak at the OTC this year, about their ground breaking innovations which are revolutionising the asset integrity industry. Houston based drilling specialist, Mark Wilson (EM&I’s Regional General Manager for North America), spoke at the Technical Session: ‘Continuous improvement. More for less’ – one of the themes... Read more

The HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques and Strategy) JIP (Joint Industry Project) entered its fifth year with its biggest ever attendance at the recent FPSO Forum in Cumbria, UK, which was hosted by EM&I. The meeting took place on Thursday 12th April and began with a presentation of and discussion around achievements... Read more

EM&I is a winner at the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards 2018. The company achieved its second President’s Award (having won 11 consecutive Gold Awards) in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. The award will be presented during a gala dinner and... Read more

EM&I is busy gearing up to host a packed week of events at the prestigious 40th FPSO Research Forum, which takes place from the 9th – 13th April 2018 in picturesque Cumbria, UK. This major event in the oil and gas industry calendar will include various open and participant only... Read more

EM&I have introduced many new technologies over the 35 years they’ve been involved in the asset integrity business. They introduced rope access, and founded IRATA, digital radiography, and numerous other innovations. More recently they have led the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for the FPSO Research Forum called HITS (Hull Inspection... Read more

EM&I’s RGM Asia Pacific, Peter Davies, spoke at the Offshore Arabia Conference in Dubai on 1st March 2018. The theme for the Conference was “Navigating the future and facing the challenges”, and provided a useful update on the situation and future development of the offshore oil and gas sector in... Read more