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Danny Constantis, EM&I, Malta, explains how lessons learned from the oil and gas sector can help ensure long-term asset management for the floating offshore wind industry.

As the floating offshore wind sector moves rapidly and globally towards industrialisation and commercialisation, thought is turning to efficient management of the life cycle integrity of floating units. In this article in Global Energy Magazine, Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman, explains how lessons learned from the oil and gas... Read more

The Road to 2050 Using Innovative Asset Integrity Technologies

In an article in Tanks and Terminals Magazine, Danny Constantinis—EM&I Group Executive Chairman—discusses innovative asset integrity technologies such as NoMan® and ExPert™, for tanks and terminals in light of the energy transition and an evolving storage market. Click here to read the article. “On a recent project on an FPSO... Read more

EM&I To Deploy 1st Self-Built ROV System

EM&I have deployed many subcontracted ROVs over the last few years but in a few weeks’ time the ‘First Deployment’ of EM&I’s own ROV system will take place! The planned project is in Brazil and is the culmination of a lot of hard work involving buying the right components and... Read more

An Extra Lease of Life

In the below article in Oilfield Technology Magazine, called “An Extra Lease of Life”, Danny Constantinis (EM&I Group Chief Executive) explores the practicalities of life extensions for ageing assets, using robotics and data to ensure improvements in safety, cost and efficiency. Some of the robotic and digital technologies have been... Read more

Important ODIN® Win for EM&I

August 31st, 2021

Odin Contract

EM&I has been awarded its first and very important ODIN contract with a major operator in Brazil. The client has a significant number of sea valves that need maintenance. In earlier times, they would have gone for a diver-based option for blanking the sea chests and discharge lines. This would have... Read more

Offshore Logo

Floating offshore wind presents opportunities and challenges. EM&I has set up JIPs for ‘FloWind’ and ‘FloGas’ to help develop asset integrity management solutions for these sectors. The following article in Offshore Magazine explores the asset integrity challenges of inspecting and maintaining these floating wind assets, and how EM&I has developed... Read more

BW Offshore chooses NoMan®

August 5th, 2021

BW Offshore chooses NoMan

BW Offshore have been selected to provide a large FPSO, based on BW Offshore’s robust RapidFramework® design, for one of the largest offshore gas developments in Northern Australia, bringing many advantages to the field operator. Initial gas production from the FPSO is expected during the first half of 2025. EM&I... Read more

NoMan® Technology

One of EM&I’s key international clients has been selected to provide a large FPSO based on their own advanced design which brings many advantages to the field operator. The project is one of the largest offshore gas developments in Northern Australia and initial gas production from the FPSO is expected... Read more

Subsea World - Working in confined spaces

The NoMan® system improves safety and reduces the risks and costs associated with tank preparation for human-entry and working in confined spaces. NoMan uses optical and laser systems, introduced remotely into a confined space, that scan the structure and provide detailed integrity information including deformation, coating condition, general and close... Read more


A recent article in RINA (Royal Institution of Naval Architects) magazine Offshore Marine Technology, discusses inspection requirements for floating offshore installations. EM&I’s NoMan system uses remotely deployed cameras and a synchronous laser system to provide full class scope tank surveys, without sending personnel into the structure. Click here to read... Read more