NoMan® Optical Patent Granted for Europe

January 27th, 2021


EM&I has been granted a European patent for the NoMan® Optical system.

NoMan is a revolutionary new method for remotely inspecting confined spaces such as cargo oil and water ballast tanks, pressure vessels and other critical components without human entry.

NoMan Optical uses a high-performance video and still camera system, with integral multiple-angle lighting systems. This allows NoMan to capture general and close-up visual images in clear detail to meet stringent classification society requirements.

This technology has been successfully deployed on many projects on FPSOs, Drill Ships and Fixed Installations throughout the world and is proving to be a valuable time and cost saving service for our clients.

Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group Executive Chairman commented “I am very pleased to have received this patent award for NoMan. This technology is world leading and during the current pandemic, is proving to be even more necessary to our clients as it improves safety and reduces the risks and costs associated with tank preparation for human-entry”.