NoMan® USA Patent Granted

April 20th, 2021

NoMan® USA Patent Granted

We are pleased to announce that the NoMan® optical system has now been granted a USA patent.

NoMan enables general and close visual inspections of confined spaces without the safety risks and costs of placing humans in confined spaces or working at height.

Getting the NoMan® USA Patent granted adds to the patents already received in Europe and Africa (ARIPO) countries and confirms the innovative nature of NoMan and the years of experience within EM&I that created the NoMan and other EM&I patented systems.

Pat Lawless (CEO / COO) commented, “The NoMan optical system has been proven to provide high quality integrity assurance information while reducing costs and safety risks. The NoMan laser system, first approved by DNV, adds the ability to measure structural deformation, material thickness and pitting density, depth and size. Together, NoMan is a complete system for unmanned surveys of confined spaces”

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