ODIN’s Fifth Birthday!

September 23rd, 2018

It has been five years since the first ODIN® ‘diverless’ UWILD system was applied on an FPSO in Brazil for one of the world’s largest lease operators.

The innovative method disrupted many conventional ways of thinking and raised questions on how effective the ODIN system would be over time.

During this period more than 30 production and drilling assets have notched up ODIN successes, including the repeat inspection in September 2018 of the very first ODIN installed.

This was completed once more to the satisfaction of the ABS attending Surveyor who witnessed the successful inspection of critical sea valves.

Each ODIN port inspected had the tamper-proof cover removed which confirmed the effectiveness of the seals and sacrificial anodes which had done their job of protecting any breakdown in internal coating and as there was no corrosion on the cut edges and anodes and seals were changed out.

ODIN is an EM&I proprietary technique which has been developed from direction and with encouragement of the HITS JIP – the Hull Inspection Techniques and Strategy Joint Industry Project – a member of the FPSO Global Research Forum.

Pat Lawless (CEO) said “We are very pleased with the rapid uptake of ODIN in the industry and especially with the repeat business from one of our key clients which showed their confidence in the long-term value and success of the ODIN innovation”.