Offshore Drilling Sector To Reach 85% Utilisation

November 10th, 2021

offshore drilling sector bounces back

The offshore drilling sector is seeing a significant increase in activity globally, but particularly in the “Golden Triangle” bounded by the waters offshore Brazil, West Africa, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Drillships are leading the increase with drillship utilisation forecast to reach 85% soon and increasing day rates.

The key to the success of the “rebound” for both drillers and their clients is avoiding down or off hire time for surveys and repairs, which is where EM&I’s technology and proven experience comes in.

EM&I Capabilities Boost Offshore Drilling Sector

Diverless surveys and isolation valve repairs are two of the ODIN® system applications, proven to enable drillers to meet class and operational maintenance with minimal off hire time.

Over 200 successful projects have been completed for major drilling companies in Brazil, Africa, GOM, and other regions, and work is planned to start in Guyana shortly.

Confined spaces can be inspected without man entry, using remote optical and laser cameras, and specialised inspection ROVs.

The NoMan® system allows for tanks, pontoons, moonpools, and other remote inspections, thus reducing cost and enabling continued operations with full ballast tanks where required.