Two New Patents Granted for EM&I Services in Brazil

March 7th, 2023

ODIN Diverless Valve Inspections

NoMan Optical and ODIN Valve Inspections receive Brazilian patent protection

Asset integrity specialists EM&I Group have been granted patent protection for two of their innovative services in Brazil. The Brazilian government issued the first-ever Brazil patent for EM&I on February 7th, for the ODIN Valve Inspection services (Patent Number BR 112016012106-6). The second patent was granted just over a week later, on the 23rd of February, for the group’s NoMan Optical services (Patent Number BR 112018072709-1).

The ODIN Valve Inspections form part of the ODIN® line of services, which delivers driverless solutions for underwater inspections in lieu of dry-docking (UWILDs). Through ODIN, EM&I has created an alternative system for underwater inspections that is far safer, cost-effective and more efficient than traditional inspection methods using commercial divers.

The NoMan Optical is part of the NoMan® line of services that EM&I offer for confined space inspections. These inspection methods use robots to conduct detailed surveys for confined spaces, thereby reducing health and safety risks and keeping costs to a minimum due to the low requirement of people on board.

NoMan Optical

Both patents are a significant achievement for EM&I, who have already secured patents for their innovative services across the globe. This milestone will enable EM&I to continue developing its offering for the Brazilian market.